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Virtual Baby Shower Ideas During Social Distancing

One of the hardest things about social distancing due to the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic is how it effects special events like baby showers. It’s disappointing, no matter what, but if this is your first baby it’s downright devastating. I get it, and I am hugging you (safely from a distance) in spirit. It’s tough, but it doesn’t have to be totally hopeless–you can still have a socially distanced baby shower! Here are 5 virtual baby shower ideas during social distancing.

Guess what? These socially-distanced baby shower tips are easy, budget-friendly and can be quickly set up due to last minute plan changes.

Coronavirus doesn’t have to totally destroy your plans. In fact, with a little creativity you can create a virtual baby shower for the books!

Alright! Let’s get to it!

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5 Virtual Baby Shower Ideas During Social Distancing

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1: Drive-By Gift Drop

If you’ve done any research, the drop in baby shower idea is the most common one. Just have your guests drive by at different intervals throughout the day to drop off their gifts.

You can have a designated place on your porch or front yard for people to leave their gifts and cards.

Spice It Up

Decorate your front yard, add balloons and make it pretty! It will be fun for your guests and adorable for pictures.

Virtual Baby Shower Gift Drop: Extra Idea

Set up a decorated space for the baby shower gifts. Next to the gift drop area, set up a themed backdrop where your guests can take photos as they come by to drop of the gifts.

Make it extra special by asking them to record a video with a message to you and your baby. Have them send you the video for memories.

Please Note:

Be extra careful that you’re following all covid-19 and social distancing guidelines. Check with the CDC and your city to make sure you’re following guidelines.

Get more info about Covid-19 here

2:Virtual Baby Shower

Invite your friends and guests to join you live for the socially distanced baby shower fun. You can do this via private Facebook live video, Zoom or other software.

Zoom allows up to 100 people via their free plan!

Send out snazzy virtual invitations and create a fun, baby-themed backdrop for wherever you’ll be during your virtual baby shower.

Balloon arches are a beautiful and low-cost way to create a grand backdrop in your baby shower theme colors. You can also set up an adorable photo backdrop right behind where you’ll sit.

Just for fun, you can ask your guests to wear colors that match the theme to create a feeling of togetherness.

Have a contest during your virtual baby shower on who dresses for the theme best. Send out eGift cards to the winners.

3: Virtual Games

Baby shower games are traditional, so why leave them out?

Come up with 2-3 fun virtual games for your guests to play. You can even have no-contact prizes (online gift cards) to dish out!

I have a couple of downloadable, no-contact baby shower games for you below.

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4: Amazon Baby Registry

This one is a biggie! If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of a drop in baby shower, you can keep things all virtual and even have no-contact gift delivery using an Amazon baby registry.

Your family and friends can choose a gift from your online registry and have it delivered to you.

Just open an Amazon Baby Registry. You can find most mainstream items that you’d find in major stores. It’s compact and easier than a typical baby registry

You can even return items, and check or update your registry on any device.

One of my favorite features is that as people purchase items from your registry, Amazon automatically removes it from the list–no annoying bar code scanning or extra steps, and no duplicates!

If you need multiple quantities of an item, your guests can see how many more of that item is needed. Once it’s fulfilled, it disappears too so your guests won’t keep buying the same thing.

If you’re purchasing a gift, you can leave a note for the recipient–don’t forget to do that! It’s a nice touch for the mama-to-be!

Note: To find someone on the Amazon Baby Registry, simply type in their name and city! No weird codes or complicated steps! (Click here to go straight to the registry search page)

5: Amazon Diaper Fund

Y’all. This one. Seriously. If you’re a mama right now, you know what it’s like trying to find diapers–like anywhere.

It’s madness.

2021 Update: It’s easier to find diapers right now but going to the store is still madness in a lot of areas.

The last thing a new mama needs to worry about is scurrying around trying to find diapers, or exchanging sizes and brands.

She’ll likely have a favorite brand, and this is not a time to have to worry about having too many of one size and not enough of another.

We don’t want brand new mama running around during a coronavirus pandemic trying to hunt down diapers.

Hence, the Amazon diaper fund.

This is so easy, mama-to-be! All you have to do is set up your Amazon Baby Registry and add a diaper fund.

As your guests go to your registry, they’ll see the diaper fund right up top and can donate.

That way you can order diapers as needed (or when they’re available… who are we kidding, here?) without fighting crowds or diaper hoarders… well, physically, anyway.

Set up your free Amazon Baby Registry now

6: Video Gift Opening

This one doesn’t have to be live, persay, but it can be and it would be a blast.

When you send out your virtual (or even physical) invites, send out a recommended order deadline for your Amazon gift registry to make sure the gifts arrive on time.

That way you can open them on camera during your virtual baby shower.

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After playing a few games, let the gift opening commence! Your friends will love to see you tear into those boxes and reading their notes!

Take these baby shower ideas during social distancing and run with them! Make them your own, put your own twist and colors.

Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic steal your baby glow. Chin up, buttercup! Have fun while sheltering in place, and, as always…

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