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Hi! I’m Elizabeth at The Mommy Hub! This is my blog and I hope you find it totally helpful in many ways.

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I started The Mommy Hub in early 2021. I wanted to create a positive and helpful place to answer all your pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood questions.

I’m a mommy of two adventurous little boys, quickly schooled on life as a mom of “two under two.”

The realest reason for getting into blogging and starting The Mommy Hub was because of my very first pregnancy experience. After a disappointing fertility experience, we finally received our miracle pregnancy. Then I was astounded at the amount of negative feedback I received from the public.

From statements like, “childbirth is the worst thing you’ll ever go through,” on down to comments about my physical appearance (not good things), what I heard blew me away.

It amazed me that people had such a negative view of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. More amazing than that was the fact that they felt the freedom to share it.

If it wasn’t for a highly supportive network of family and friends around me, I’m not sure how my perspective would have been affected by the negativity. That could have played a role in my childbirth experience.

Our beautiful son was born in 2018, and something else was born inside me, too. I grew so determined to help moms everywhere feel more confident about this season of their life, despite society’s negative outlook on pregnancy and childbirth.

Enter The Mommy Hub

The Mommy Hub is a place for Y-O-U! It’s a place where you can find helpful tips, tricks and encouragement, too.

The Mommy Hub is a “hub” of constructive positivity and ideas. From the moment you get your amazing “positive,” test all the way through raising your littles, The Mommy Hub is here for you!

It’s important that mothers feel support! As a blogger, I strongly believe in doing whatever I can to give that support with integrity and heart.

The centermost goal of The Mommy Hub is for mothers in all seasons to join together in a culture of encouragement and strength so we can all achieve our motherhood goals–together.